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Get expert search engine optimisation (SEO) services from Australia’s #1 specialist. Our team of experienced SEO professionals will optimize your website to rank higher in search results, attract more qualified traffic, and increase conversions. Contact us today to start boosting your online visibility and success. We are one of the top SEO agencies Melbourne based, led by an industry-leading SEO specialist.


A Premium Seo Company Melbourne Based

We are a premium SEO company based in Melbourne that can help you get a massive return on your investment. With a team of experts dedicated to delivering bespoke SEO services in Melbourne, we are an ROI-driven agency. In collaboration with our clients, we offer affordable SEO packages in Melbourne to reach your target audience. Our SEO services in Melbourne will provide your website with sustainable organic search engine optimisation. We are passionate about SEO and strive to provide ethical results, while our strategies and techniques provide a robust website profile. We can target solely Melbourne-based companies, national companies (Australia Wide), or even international companies. With our SEO services, Let us help you grow your business online in Australia.


Why Codeage SEO Services?

We are a leading digital services agency specialising in optimising your company’s SEO performance across top search engines like Google. We are passionate about each client and committed to their success. We think of Clients’ projects as our own—that’s why we are the most trusted SEO Agency Melbourne.

Professional Team

Our professional SEO team uses white-hat SEO to get you on top of your competitors. Having worked in this industry for years, our SEO Specialists have a deep understanding of the industry. With our passion for delivering great work, we create digital assets that grow like stars in the sky for your company. Combining data and digital market research with our well-rounded understanding of campaigns, we can boost organic growth with an end-to-end digital marketing approach.


Our SEO agency Melbourne provides prospective clients with a wealth of information to assist them in making informed decisions. When it comes to SEO, we use only white hat techniques. We will clearly define what is achievable at the beginning of the project. You will need an exceptional search engine marketing agency Melbourne. Using our in-house reporting solution, you can track your ranking in real-time and see exactly how your website performs at any moment. It lets us stay on top of the latest algorithm changes and optimise your campaign. We will keep you updated regarding your website performance monthly and weekly so that you know what is going on your website.

Result Driven SEO

Your tactics for getting to the top of search engine pages are equally important as getting there. You will build a stellar reputation and make your offerings more visible to qualified traffic if you engage SEO consultant Melbourne who understands your business from the start. We at Codeage, based on decades of combined experience, frame your digital presence in a way that Google’s & Bing’s algorithms will find you. With our proven methodology, we’ve consistently shown that incorporating these techniques will increase web traffic and brand awareness, stimulate social media chatter and increase sales leads.

Over 100+ satisfied SEO clients

In the eyes of our company, our customers are the most critical asset. With over a decade of expertise, we have earned the trust of Fortune 100 and small businesses. Reach out to us today if you want to be part of this growth cycle.

Providing Top-Notch Seo Services Melbourne Wide

As a leading company in search engine marketing Melbourne, we strive to boost your website’s traffic. We provide exceptional digital capability, campaign management, and performance through Melbourne’s SEO strategists and campaign specialists. The bespoke approach and process ensure we align your goals and objectives to drive organic success and growth for your business.

On-Page SEO

We provide the best on-page SEO service in Melbourne and throughout the country. Through the optimisation of on-page elements, we ensure that your website ranks for more keywords, generates more organic traffic, and is more user-friendly for search engines. Our expert team provides On-Page SEO Services to optimise websites for search engines. Depending on your needs, we provide a variety of on-page SEO services. You can purchase them separately, bundled into a complete SEO strategy or incorporated into a rolling content strategy. You can trust us to perform all the necessary research so that Google and other search engines can read your website.

Off-Page SEO

In our many years of experience, we have witnessed algorithm changes that have caused SEO services to come and go. At Codeage, we focus on the benefits and value they can offer regarding website traffic and public relations. You can leverage our Off-Page SEO expertise to improve your ranking on search engines while establishing yourself as an industry thought leader. Guest posts, publication outreach, PR, and social media are core fundamentals that expand your reach. By contributing unique content to other websites, our team can support your content development needs and increase your website’s Domain Authority (DA). Let us help you. Our premium packages include outreach services that will increase your sales and business.

SEO Copywriting

We provide SEO copywriting services in Melbourne and Australia-wide. In addition to writing catchy headlines, Codeage offers meaningful, compelling, and intelligent content that outranks. We have copy superstars who are experts in writing relevant content for websites, blogs, and cross-channel promotions for your new products. With the help of a copywriting agency in Melbourne, we will identify the keywords your audience is searching for and integrate them seamlessly into your content to ensure it is optimised. An SEO copywriter blends the creative skills of a traditional copywriter with data-driven thinking to raise your website’s ranking in search engines. Take the lead over your competitors with the help of our Melbourne search engine optimisation copywriting services.

Local SEO Melbourne

Our local SEO services in Melbourne can help you rank in the suburbs close to you when your website is optimised for that specific area. We will help your business gain better visibility and increase your website traffic locally with the help of our local SEO specialist in Melbourne. Your marketing efforts will be more effective if you target a niche audience through our local SEO services. With our local SEO Melbourne, you’ll generate more qualified leads that convert into meaningful sales. Consequently, your conversion rates increase, and the quality of your leads improves.

Keyword Research

In search engine optimisation, keyword research is crucial. We at Codeage will find the best keywords for your business that will generate profit. We will optimise your web pages to rank high in Google based on the targeted keywords. According to your niche, you will get the best keywords, whether they are long tail, low competition, or high search volume. Find the best keywords for your business using our organic SEO Melbourne. Using our SEO Keyword Research services, you can find the keywords that will place your brand in front of your ideal audience. When you have the right content, you can engage and convert them at the right time, in the correct place, and at the right moment.

Competitor Analysis

You should always be aware of your competition. You will receive a detailed analysis of your competition’s top keywords, top pages, content, and link profile. We can start implementing it as soon as we have enough data. You will receive a detailed report detailing your competitors’ rankings, marketing budget, and channels. We use premium SEO tools for competitor analysis that have a thousand-dollar market value to streamline the process as much as possible.


Request Your Free Audit Now

You can get a free quote without any obligation from us. Discover why your website needs to catch up using our SEO Audit service for free.

To boost the search engine ranking of your website, we provide a plan for a technically sound website. Our SEO audits include the following:

  • Crawling and indexing your website.
  • Eliminating redirects.
  • Identifying duplicate content.
  • Analysing on-page factors.

Visitors, leads, and revenue will increase due to these changes. 

Our SEO Audit Services analyses your current SEO strategy to determine what works and needs improvement. We tell you where to put your time, energy, and resources to rank on Google’s first page to achieve the best ROI.

So, if you are in Australia, stop searching for an “SEO company near me”, and reach out to codeage and get the best results!