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Get professional pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services from Australia’s #1 specialist. Our team of experienced PPC experts will create and manage targeted campaigns to drive qualified traffic to your website and increase conversions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed with PPC. Search engine rankings aren’t secret, and there’s no great mystery to them. Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney businesses can take the lead quickly if their Google Ads management is razor-sharp. Your best bet on seeing results is to hire a PPC agency Australia that knows everything there is to know about the subject. When a customer clicks on your PPC ads after searching for you, you only pay for them. The top three paid search ads should appear when your business receives half of all clicks.


Managing your PPC campaign in Australia

Every business strives to be at the top of its game. However, you can take many steps to make your business visible on Google. Codeage PPC agency Australia can help your business gain visibility by optimising its website. Your business can run smoothly if you take care of the optimisation process. Our search campaign partners will provide you with quality leads, so you can focus on serving your customers. As a leading pay-per-click management agency, we provide PPC Management services for businesses in Australia for effective communication and results. We are an Adwords PPC agency which will help you promote your products and services effectively. During peak commercial seasons, this is especially useful if you want to run a targeted campaign. We provide high-quality Adwords management services that Australian businesses regard as highly efficient.


Boost Your Revenue With PPC

What are your goals for your ad campaign in terms of converting leads into customers? With the help of a reputable PPC agency Australia, you can boost your ROI, lead generation, and opportunity. As a PPC management agency, we offer affordable PPC services that help you beat your competitors and conquer the market. As part of our PPC services Australia, we manage Google Adwords, Shopify, and Retargeting. Codeage can meet and even exceed your business requirements. Our PPC management company has repeatedly proven that its experts can grow revenue for clients through Adwords agency Australia. We will help you get the most return on your marketing investment with the help of our PPC marketing specialists.

How Codeage PPC Campaign Works?

Our goal is to optimise your online presence with every available tool. A comprehensive process is followed when managing PPC campaigns.

Campaign design

Our plan includes targeting your products, identifying your target audience, setting budgets, and organising this information into a coordinated campaign.


Whatever goals you have, our team can help you by discussing them with you and giving you the right advice to bring your business to the top.

Analysing keywords

You will get the best results from PPC campaigns if you select the right keywords for your business.

Strategic Bidding

Our overall goal is to ensure that your PPC campaign generates the maximum ROI, starting with bid management.

Tracking and launching ads

You can ensure that your campaign is launched and closely monitored from the beginning by our team.

Reporting progress

Our comprehensive reports allow you to gauge your PPC campaign’s success rate based on all relevant metrics.


Copy for ads

You can even have Landing Pages created by our writers if you need them for display ads, ad titles, or any other type of advertising.

Mobile Ads

Mobile searches should be included in any marketing campaign. An estimated 15% of all searches are conducted on mobile devices. Business success depends on reaching your target market. If you still need to advertise via mobile, you might reach your potential customers before you do. By using mobile PPC ads, you can reach prospects searching for information on their phones, who are very likely to become customers. With our pay per click advertising Australia, our team of experts can set up and optimise mobile ad campaigns.


Ad Copy

A specific keyword and underlying message should be used when creating your content. Geo-targeted audiences are targeted by Codeage using suburb and city names. Afterward, we run ads at times that are most likely to generate visibility and clicks. As a pay-per-click advertising company, our ultimate goal is to optimise click-through rates and increase quality scores. With the help of our content team, we will create descriptions, ad copy, and engaging and user-friendly titles. With this keyword-infused content-writing service, your ads will be more relevant to your users. By inserting individual personalised keywords into the exact ad text, users will see a different ad for each keyword search. You can also increase relevant site traffic by removing irrelevant and generic keywords from your PPC campaigns and replacing them with relevant ones.

Boost Your Site’s Performance With Us

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Why Are We Different?

Positive Attitude

The internet and the way we use it will never stop evolving. Keeping up with these changes is therefore crucial. We would be ignorant to assume that the strategies we have mastered for your business will last forever. As search engines and online users search for different things, we constantly experiment and learn with our strategies to make them more effective.

Using advanced strategies

Our team of digital marketing experts keeps up to date with the latest digital marketing developments, ensuring your ads reach the most people possible. Always keep your competitors in mind and ask whether they will settle for anything less than front-page publicity.


Our Google Ads Approach

Each PPC campaign begins with a one-on-one consultation with a Google ads specialist, who determines the keywords that prospects and their target audiences frequently use when searching for products or services in your niche. We put together compelling ads using keywords targeting your target audience in a particular geographic area. You can generate detailed reports on the performance of your Google Ads campaigns in real time using Google Ads. Using this method, you can learn how your customers find your business and how they interact with it. To improve traffic generation and conversions, we will tweak our PPC campaigns based on our evaluation of search results.


You can drive traffic to your website by displaying pay-per-click advertisements. Your business’s products and services are described by the keywords you bid on. These data will help you determine the audience for your ads based on the keywords you use. The search results will also display the ad of your potential customer. A user visits your website after clicking on your PPC ad. It will be easier for visitors to find your website if you make it easier for them to find it.
Paying per 1000 impressions, per view, or per conversion is an option in SEM. On the other hand, PPC campaigns are traditional forms of search advertising, where you bid on keywords and pay when someone clicks on them.
It is guaranteed that PPC ads are interacted with and can help your business grow, even though the total number of people clicking on them will vary.
Search advertising differs from display advertising in terms of who will see your PPC ads. Depending on how you implement PPC, your ad will be perceived differently. The success of your PPC campaign depends on what type of ad you display.
Using keywords, demographics, and general topics can all help you target the right audience. When it comes to targeting specific audiences, PPC ads can give you complete control over who sees your ads and where they are displayed.
PPC ads are priced based on their quality score and bid. Setting your bid price may also require consideration of your industry. The cost per click can be $50 or more, depending on your industry. A reasonable amount of traffic can be obtained by paying less than $1 per click.
Your ads are given a quality score from 1-10 based on their quality. Quality score is based on the relevance of landing pages, click-through rates, and ads. The cost per click of the ad is also affected by the ranking of the ad. Impressions shared are the number of impressions you received divided by the estimated number of impressions you were eligible for.
When starting a business, a PPC campaign will enhance your advertising and brand exposure. Once your PPC campaign has been completed, you can start your SEO practices. Running your PPC campaign allows you to collect data and feedback. Thus, organic and paid traffic will both reach your website.
A decrease in quality scores or an increase in keyword competition is among the most common causes. Your PPC campaign’s success will play a significant role in determining why your CPC is increasing. Review your search query results regularly or hire a professional PPC agency Australia like Codeage to better understand your PPC campaign’s impact.
Using keywords, demographics, and general topics can all help you target the right audience. When it comes to targeting specific audiences, PPC ads can give you complete control over who sees your ads and where they are displayed.